Bite #22 Quick ways to raise your company profile online

Quick ways to raise your company profile online

One of the best things about the web is that even though you might operate a small business, you can appear much bigger online.

To do this you need a professionally designed website. It’s critical to success. You want people to seek you out online whether you sell one off art prints or big brand sports cars.

Let me give you some quick ways to raise your company’s profile online .
1) Customize your social media pages with your logo and original images.
2) Figure out what your customers are interested in reading and start a blog.
3) Showcase your products on your homepage. Make sure you have your product shots professionally taken. Don’t scrimp on this!
4) Be creative with graphics but make sure they communicate your message. Just looking cool ain’t going to cut it.
5) Tailor your site to appeal to your customers (not to you) and keep it simple.
6) Update your website at least once a week. You have to give customers a reason to return often .


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