Bite #33 What is paid media?

What is paid media?

As we continue to examine the three types of digital marketing media i.e. Owned (which I covered in Bite#32), paid and earned let’s take a look at that second one ‘Paid media’

What we’re talking about here are those digital marketing efforts, which result following a transaction between you the marketer and the digital marketing platform on which the advertisement will be communicated. In basic terms there’s not much new here. We’ve seen this since the very first advert appeared in an newspaper. What has changed dramatically is the ability for these platforms, Google and Facebook spring to mind to get our messages in front of those people who fit our target demographic exactly. We live in a time where these platforms know a lot about each and every one of us. A lot of that information has been handed over by us. For better or for worse that’s where we find ourselves. That may sound a little unnerving to us as consumers but to marketers that promise of efficient targeted delivery of advertising is an allure that’s hard to resist.


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