Bite #36 How do Search Engines work?

How do Search Engines work?

How do search engines work? Let me give you a non-techy, high level understanding of this.

First and foremost always keep in mind that search engines (Google’s) main aim is to deliver highly, relevant high quality search results to its users. When you think about it this makes complete sense. When a user types a search query into Google they are asking Google to show them the site or sites that Google feels is the best fit for what they’re looking for. If Google does a good job , the user is likely to return to Google the next time they’re looking for something. Search engines always put the user first.

Search engines gather detailed information about the billions of websites out there at regular intervals (I’ll skip the technicalities of this ) the main point to keep in mind is that Google knows what’s on your website now and it’ll be back to check if there is anything new .

Just for a second put yourself in Googles shoes. Imagine you’re looking at your current website from their perspective. Google is looking at your site and as I’ve explained they are trying to figure out whether the content on that site is up to date, relevant and of value to the person searching for your product or service. Does your site pass the test?


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