Marketing Strategy

A well-researched and innovative strategy is the key to long-term marketing success.

A fully thought out strategy allows you to target your ideal customer in a smarter way and increases the likelihood that leads are converted into sales. Our creative teams develop effective strategies that incorporate both digital and traditional (offline) approaches in order to help you reach your audience at every touchpoint.

Our team performs in-depth audits and fully evaluates your current marketing strategies in order to identity underlying threats or issues and profitable opportunities. This review allows us to address those profitable opportunities and consider what course of action should be taken to mitigate any threats. 

We’ll then create a detailed plan to take your business from where it is now, to where you would like it to be. 

Our marketing strategies are created to help businesses fully utilise their resources, gain and retain more customers, build brand awareness, and to increase trust and credibility in a more effective way.

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Market Segmentation, A Must for Small Businesses

Market Segmentation, A Must for Small Businesses Market segmentation is a must for all small businesses when it comes to clever marketing strategy. It defines and targets customer markets in order to minimise the loss of expenditure and increase customer conversion. What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is a process. It requires the division of your customer base into distinct groups – customer segments. This is based on research regarding

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Blogging for business as part of your Marketing Strategy

Blogging for Business Well it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s that day of the week I am blogging for my business. You might have noticed that we at Studio93 have begun blogging regularly. This has been a conscious effort on our parts. We publish our posts every Monday (written by Cat) and my own post every Wednesday. We push ourselves to consistently publish new articles every week, and I got

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Call to Actions that Work for Your Marketing Strategy

Call to Actions that works Call to actions are vital to have on all online and printed promotion material. No marketing campaign can do without a call to action. A call to action (CTA) is your chance to achieve the desired result from your customers, getting them to buy or use your product / service or simply offer them information. You are calling them to take a particular action! You

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