Building relationships with your Website

A couple of people have mentioned, building relationships, which is so important and often overlooked so I think it’s great that you’ve already jumped on that, but often when I ask people, well, how will you measure that? What’s the metric for building relationships. And there’s two here returning visits so, If you’ve built a relationship with someone through your website, they’re coming back to your website now and again, and that example, we just talked about there in terms of say the videos, if you’re creating videos and they’re going up fairly regularly, that’s a reason for me to go and look at that site every couple of days or every couple of weeks, cause I’d want to watch the videos. So you’ve got returning visitors that means you’re building relationships and user actions on site. So you can measure relationships based on when someone goes onto my site well, how long are they spending on my site? What are they doing? What are they clicking on? Now you might go, well, how do I know that? Okay. And, and it’s a little bit outside of the scope of this specific session, but I will touch on a little bit later and maybe in the questions and answers, I can go into this a bit more. Google analytics, is a tool, a free tool by Google that your web developer can install on your website that will allow you to see breakdowns and graphs of exactly this and a lot more. So it will actually show you like a pie chart and it will show you, this is the percentage of all the visitors to your website, who are returning visitors versus people who are say new to the site or that they’ve gone there once. So whereas it’s important to say the metric is returning the visitors then you might also need to know what the tool is to help you to measure that. But Google analytics does a lot of that stuff.

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