eCommerce web sites

Our eCommerce Website Formula:

functional, creatively styled eCommerce websites, formed by the union of balanced layouts, sharp imagery, and easy navigation.

eCommerce Websites are simply 24/7 online shopping stores for your business. eCommerce is defined as commercial transactions that happen electronically on the Internet. The Studio93 team have years of experience designing stylish, fully functional online eCommerce websites.

We understand you want an affordable eCommerce website design that is:
User friendly
Easy to navigate
Nice to look at
With uncomplicated descriptions


The Process

STUDIO93’s work process is a six-step methodology for delivering Ecommerce web solution.

•     Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase:
-Gathering all the final specifications of the project
– In-depth research of the field, market pool, and target population
– Establishing the strategy to best accomplish our client’s goals within budget and timeframe.

•    Strategic Planning:
– Conception of the main goals of the website and of the users’ pathways, including what we call “the preferred customer pathways”.
– Conception of the website’s flow.

•    Web Design – Graphic Design Work:
– Conception and creation of the graphic theme of the website and of the web application, including color scheme, atmosphere, general look and feel, etc…
– Conception and creation of all the graphic elements of the website.

•    Front End Programming:
-Advanced programming and integration of latest front-end web technologies for enhanced user experience and usability.

•    Server-side Development:

– Actual programming work to implement the back-end and full administration.

•    Quality Assurance and Launch:
Extensive testing to ensure the site is 100% bug free and is fully compatible.

Advantages for Giving your Customers an Online Shopping Experience

Works for you 24/7 365days of the year
Easy product management
Easy order management
No queuing
Gather market research
Reach customers from all over the world
Direct your shoppers to other parts of your website
Growth of your brand
Gain customer loyalty to your products / services
Profit growth
More design possibilities than offline
Connect with all your other online media
Connect with your shoppers in the future

Big or small, we tailor our eCommerce solution to you