Branding is one of the most important aspects for successful business marketing.
Your brand is what makes you stand out from your competitors. It communicates your unique selling point. Your brand strategy works to build a strong, established brand. An effective and well-executed brand strategy gives your business that winning edge.

Defining your brand is a journey of self-discovery for your company. It is unavoidable. Without it you cannot build a brand strategy.
As designers and digital marketers at Studio93, we help you on your journey. We research and undertake analysis of competitors and of the needs, desires, and habits of your customers.

Helpful questions when defining your brand:

  • What is your company‚Äôs mission?
  • What makes your products and / or services different from the competition?
  • How do existing customers describe you?
  • What qualities and attributes do your company have?

Communicating Your Brand
Your brand communicates primarily through your logo. Your logo in turn is placed on all other brand elements such as your website, packaging and all other promotional materials.

Logo Design

Our process:

We use a questionnaire or interview to get a clear understanding of your company and your brand goals

We research your industry and similar companies to learn what brand strategies have been effective with their customers.

Based on our research and the information you provide, our designers begin work on the logo design.

At a pre-arranged meeting, we present three unique logos for you to consider.

Together, we discuss the logo and consider any alterations or whether a complete change in direction is needed. After this meeting, our designer(s) work on refining the logo or moving in another direction.

Step 5 is repeated until you are satisfied with the logo design and the rationale behind its creation.

With the finished logo design, we offer brand guidelines. The guidelines contain recommendations on how the branding should be used. Brand guidelines ensure the consistency of the logo, so it is always instantly recognisable when used on all media.