Social media management

Anyone can set up a facebook page or a twitter account and start experimenting with social media. We offer something more.


Social media marketing

Is social media marketing for you? Well, if you think there is a value in connecting with your customers, targets or colleges then yes, social is for you.

To achieve real, measurable results for your company requires two things

1) knowledge.
Online marketing and specifically social media marketing is an ever evolving medium of communication. It is a constant challenge to keep up with it. We know you are busy running your business yet strategic social media marketing represents an opportunity to connect with your customers that just can not be ignored. We make it our business to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in social media so you don’t have to. Our social media expert Darren has worked with many small and medium sized businesses in the area of on line marketing and lectures on the subject at the Athlone Institute of Technology. He specialises in One to One Training, Private Group Training and has delivered many Seminars on the subject.

2) Time.
Social media marketing requires an investment of time in order to build a community of relevant followers who are interested in your company and the services or products you offer. There is no silver bullet. Most companies struggle to find this time in their busy day. This is where we step in.