What is a View?

Today’s question is taken from an interview I did recently with Ronan Berry on Midlands 103, and Ronan’s question was …

… One thing Darren when it comes though to like a view of your post, what do these platforms like? What do they regard as a view? Because I’ve, I’ve a funny feeling that’s going to be very different than what maybe the user might, might think.

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I, again, I’m going to use Facebook as the example. I just tend to use Facebook as examples because it’s, it’s the most popular site, but really this is across the board. I take, for instance, a video. So people are experimenting now with video and putting short videos up and I do encourage that it gets great engagement. So people will put up a video and then they might look back at their underneath the video and it might say 500 views or a hundred views, or a thousand views or 2000 views, whatever the views is. And actually we can see the number of views on other people’s posts. It’s not just our own videos, but what Facebook counts as a view is a three second stop. So what it means if someone is scrolling down on the phone, typically scrolling down on their phone, they slow their finger down just enough to register a three seconds.

And now Facebook is saying that’s a view. So people need to be careful about that. I have had clients that when we put videos, videos up for them and work some videos and they get very excited about these views. And I, and I, I do explain to them well look really what you’re looking at, these, these stats are actually inside of your Facebook. You can see this so you can see the number of views. And then if you dig a little bit deeper, you can see the number of three second views, the number of 15 second views and the number of the one minute views. And really I’d be more interested in the 15 second views and definitely the one minute views. So people just be aware of that when it says 10,000 views, what Facebook defines as a view may not be what you define as a view.

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