Professional Pilates instructor Alison Hogan realises her lifelong dream for her business The Pilates Studio with Branding & Website Design.

Our Client:
Alison Hogan – The Pilates Studio
Alison Hogan is a professional qualified Pilates instructor with more than 12 years experience in the fitness industry.

Outline of Problem:
Alison was running a successful Pilates business but she felt she needed a more professional business presence. She had no current branding or website. Her vision for her business The Pilates Studio was to express her uniqueness in a very competitive market. She also intended to offer video classes to existing and new clients they could purchase from her website. She saw The Pilates Studio having a professional, contemporary, fresh look.

Our Solution:
During our first consultation with Alison we worked with her to understand her complete vision for her Pilates business going into the future. Alison wished to brand her business from a logo to promotional material with a complete ecommerce site. She entitled her Pilates business The Pilates Studio. After our first meeting we drew up an outline plan to help Alison and the team on track and attain the outlined goals. Our team were assigned different areas of the project to meet certain project goals.

Planning & Research: As with any project research and planning are essential. We worked with Alison to learn more about her core values for her business and discern her unique selling point. This stage is essential in developing clear, bold, and appropriate design solutions.

Graphic Design:
Research and initial logo designs were discussed with Alison at follow up meetings. On logo completion, design began for agreed promotional material both for online and offline.

Logo Design

Website Design:
Work took place on the website simultaneous to the development of The Pilates Studio logo. Discussion on the structure of the website with Alison is the first stage. This is exactly like the research & planning of any design piece. We also discussed Alison’s desire for certain website styles. We offered professional guidance on style and structure so the overall design always reflects The Pilates Studio core values.
Since we designed her logo and other promotional material we could provide a seamless design approach to her website.

Content Design:
Alison developed all her own content for her website. Our content designer was on hand to help Alison refine, edit and offer guidance on any content issues she felt she required.

We helped The Pilates Studio to develop:
A strong visual representation via a professionally designed logo
Custom designed promotional material: vouchers, business cards, banners, signage, and posters.
A Mobile ready ecommerce site presence with a contemporary, fresh feel capturing the The Pilates Studio ethos and Alison’s unique selling point.
An integrated booking system on her website so new and existing clients can easily book classes on the go.