Top five tips for creating and sharing successful videos

Now let’s go through our top five tips for creating and sharing successful videos. Number one, caption or subtitle your videos. Studies have found that 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound. So make sure that you’re able to get your message across when the sound is turned off. This can be done by adding closed captions or again, subtitles to your video. Video ads with captions are watched 12% longer than those without. Two, optimize for mobile, just under 80% of users only use mobile devices to access Facebook and because of this vertical video ads generate the highest engagement rate. Make sure that the page you’re sending your user to from your video ad is also optimized for mobile. As soon as it becomes difficult for a user to view or engage with your content and website, you’re gonna lose them. Three, make the first few seconds count.

Data has shown that the first few seconds of your video are crucial to the success of that video. Ultimately that’s where people will decide whether they want to watch the next 10 seconds, the next 30 seconds, however long, the video is. So make sure you grab the person’s attention in the first, you know, three to 10 seconds, hugely important. Number four, don’t forget a call to action. A call to action or a CTA is a prompt that tells your users what specific action you would like them to take. It’s important to include one in your video ad to make it easier for customers to move through your sales funnel. Facebook offers several CTA options for you to use when making an ad on the platform. For example, the more button or maybe a shop now button. Five, only focus on one goal. You don’t want to confuse overwhelm or even annoy users by focusing on too many topics in your video. If you’re creating a video to educate users about your products, to increase brand awareness, or to let them know more about an offer, then focus solely on that one theme. Try out Facebook video ads and see the results for yourself. You can do how to videos behind the scene, videos, demos, educational videos, testimonials, and much more.

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