Irish Times Interview

Published 3rd Dec. 2014

What distinguishes your business from your competitors? I want our clients to experience a level of service that surpasses their hopes and expectations, even from the first meeting.

We help them answer one question: where will tomorrow’s customers find you today? Every client, whether they are a butcher, baker or hairdresser, has one clear message to portray to potential customers.

My background is in graphic design, but there is a lot of psychology involved in what we do. There is always a core message behind every piece of graphic design.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to face? I started the business in 2006. In October 2009, I got a call from a friend saying: “Your business is on fire!”

I stood in front of the building until 3am, watching it burn to the ground. I lost everything except my laptop. I had to get up the next morning and decide whether that was the end of the business. But it was never really a choice. I had to keep going. I had amazing clients who stuck with me.

And there was a silver lining. I had to look at everything from a fresh angle, to re-evaluate things.

If the fire hadn’t happened, maybe I wouldn’t have changed things. Now the business is much stronger than it was before the fire.

And your major success to date? We have managed to keep going during very hard times. I was definitely afraid during the recession, but we grew every year. I try to be prepared for uncertainty and have as much foresight as I can.

What could the Government do to help SMEs in the current environment and stimulate the economy? Ireland, for a small country, has some hugely successful businesses.

I would love to see high-level business people involved in policymaking. The best and brightest have started businesses from nothing. They know what SME owners are going through – the crazy hours, the risk-taking, the ups and downs. It’s important for the Government to really understand what that’s like.

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