€2,500 Marketing Grant

More and more people are shopping online, yet the number of small Irish businesses that are taking advantage of this opportunity is still very low. On top of this, it’s estimated that up to 70% of online purchases made in Ireland are done in overseas markets.

In an effort to help grow the online Irish market the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment launched a Trading Online Voucher Scheme and teamed up with the Local Enterprise Offices to deliver this to Irish business.

What is the Trading Online Voucher Scheme?
The aim of the scheme is to encourage small Irish businesses to develop or enhance their online trading by offering vouchers of up to €2,500 or 90% of eligible expenditure.

The vouchers can be used for expenses such as improving websites, creating an app, developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy, or online training development.

What the vouchers can be used for

  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website;
  • Implementing Online payments or booking systems;
  • Purchase of online advertising 
  • Developing an app (or multiplatform webpages);
  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing;
  • Training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an on-line trading activity.

Are you Eligible?

The vouchers are available for businesses that:
Limited or no e-commerce presence
10 or less employees
Turnover less than €2m
Applicant Business must be registered and trading for a least 6 months

Business must be located in the area covered by the LEO to whom they make their application

Previous voucher recipients may apply for a second voucher!

Learn about our process in this short video


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