How Social Media Connects Us

social media

Social media connects the world from the strength from its users. Today customers and members of companies demand instant updates.  Therefore, customers are irritated by waiting times and incorrect information, especially on social media.

On a smaller scale, take a local GAA Club for example. They constantly update their social media to keep club members and supporters up to date with club news and current match results. These updates create an online community spirit and conversation. This demonstrates how social media builds strong relationships with their club. As a result, members feel good from the direct communication.

Contact, Connect, Converse with the World

Businesses are increasingly aware of how the Internet and social media marketing are changing how we all do business. This is hugely evident by the way customers wish to communicate with a business. This has dramatically altered how businesses now market themselves. Some of which seemed to happen overnight. Businesses should not ignore these changes. Statistics show customers are 10 times more aware of companies who exploit Facebook and Twitter to highlight their products, services, and company news.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful communication tools a company can use. BUT it is how you use it that counts. Social media marketing for business is slightly different. For example, Facebook has a feature whereby you can schedule posts so you always appear active on social media.

Develop a Business Personality Online Customers Can Relate To

When your business is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn you should be aware of 2 things:

  1. The social media platform evaluates who you are the profile information you give, what content you post and your frequency. It tries to connect you with similar people and businesses.
  2. The content you write and the images you post on social media are extremely important. They create your company’s online social personality. We suggest they reflect your brand.

For small businesses social media is essential. We at Studio93 have always believed in developing a strong social media presence. We train clients to use Facebook and Twitter’s business features to communicate fast and effectively to their customers.

Social Media is the Worldwide Word Of Mouth

Social media has given people individuality and a voice to communicate how they feel and express this opinion worldwide. Since social media is an informal two-way communication tool, businesses distribute their message worldwide and customers can contact them directly. This generates excellent customer service with an aim for constant customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to positive word of mouth. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing strategy. There is nothing more powerful your customers suggesting to do business with you. Your customer is now working for you and social media can amplify this a hundred fold.

Social media is just that social. It instantly connects us to each other, our interests and allows us to express who we are. It is essential for your business to stay connected with your customers. This helps establish your brand, and build strong customer relationships.

Contact us today to Contact, Connect, and Converse with all your customers.


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