YouTube Setup Tips for Small Business Marketing

YouTube for your business

In our previous blogs, I have spoken about video marketing and how it plays an important part in your business marketing. Today let’s look at YouTube for your business. It’s the second largest website in the world, with over 1.5 billion users worldwide. Meaning its is a great marketing tool your business cannot afford to ignore.

Brand Your Channel

Once you set up your YouTube account, you have the opportunity to brand it with your company colours and logo in the editable sections (background / cover photo and profile picture). You can even set up your account so every video you upload has your logo.

Description for Your Channel

Write a short description for your channel that lets viewers and YouTube know what type of channel you are, so they know what to expect.

Conversions Through Entertainment

Social media marketing is all about driving people to your website which in turn boosts traffic and conversions (email signups, sales, likes, queries and other forms of interaction). Your video content should engage viewers so they visit your website. Search engines like Google favorably rank businesses that produce interesting and relevant content. Video makes for highly engaging and entertaining content.

Attractive Custom Thumbnail

When a user searches for a particular topic or phrase a list of videos results is returned based on that topic or phrase. Each video displays a static thumbnail, as the videos do not play automatically when returned as part of a search. YouTube will choose a random image from your video as your thumbnail. It is a better idea to design the thumbnail image for your video. In this way, your video will appear attract and professional, enticing the viewer to watch it.

Business Contact Information

This tip may seem obvious but it is very important that your YouTube videos have your business contact information displayed. Don’t have the viewer searching for who created the video, they won’t search for long. Also, think about linking your video to a relevant page on your website, not just your homepage. Trust me they will like you for it.

Search Optimize Your Videos

When you upload a new video, ensure you spend some time optimizing it for users searches. To optimize your video add a title, tags and a description relevant to your video content and to keywords users may use to find it in a search.

Make Your Channel Easy to Navigate

Once your business starts making videos you might find you love it. Videos are great for carrying your message and engaging your audience. It is a good idea to create playlists for different topics. This helps viewer’s access topics they find interesting.

Call to Action

Decide what you want your viewer to do after they have finished or stop viewing your video. Perhaps, display a link to your website, direct them to share your video, or encourage them to subscribe or like your channel.

Remember, it takes time to gain followers and subscribers to your channel but it is worth it in the end. Having a YouTube Channel will ultimately boost your brand recognition so more people will discover what it is you do.

Thank you for reading and enjoy making your videos. Don’t forget to upload regularly.