Linking to Improve Your SEO

Linking – Links to boost your SEO

Linking for SEO involves work on link building. Link building is an important and powerful tactic in boosting your SEO (what is SEO?) and ranking your website higher in Google’s search results.

What is A Link?

A link is a clickable element – a hyperlink. A hyperlink points to a whole page or to a specific element within a page.

It can be in the form of text, images, buttons or line of code on a web page that the reader can directly follow by clicking on it.


Linking in simple terms is when someone links to your website. They are effectively saying your page or website is a source of good information. You should aim for links from authoritative sites. These are sites that are renowned in their field of expertise. This is the most desirable when aiming to boost SEO.

How Does Link Building Influence SEO?

Google change the way they return search results regularly. They are ensuring the best result for your search terms and keeping marketers like us on our toes.

One of the most important ways building links influences your SEO is by the sites that are linking to you.

As I mentioned earlier the aim is to attract sites that are relevant to your field of expertise. For example, The Institute of Designers Ireland is linked to our site They are considered an authoritative site because IDI is one of Ireland’s largest and oldest association of design professionals. Links to your sites that are considered important and relevant are invaluable to SEO. Google will rank your site higher as a result.

Whereas links to you site from businesses and companies that are not related to the work or services you provide are seen to carry a lot less consideration by Google.

Google’s Matt Cutts: Quality Links and Link Building


Google’s focus is now on filtering out low-quality linking. They want to return search results, which have websites linked to reputable and authoritative links. For the sake of improving SEO, you need to focus your link building on attracting and establishing good quality links.

It is a little like networking in the real world. When you make strong connections with people who are an authority in their field, you will, in turn, look good and trustworthy.


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