Are Business Cards a Thing of The Past?

Business cards

Ever since COVID-19 introduced worldwide lockdowns, more and more business networks have been established and maintained through LinkedIn and Zoom. Networking events have gone digital. With these digital communication tools, an obvious networking question arises:
Are business cards still relevant in 2021?  

The answer to this question may surprise you. Even in our virtually-driven society business cards are still just as important as ever before. 

While business cards are still relevant and highly effective it’s important that they are designed and used appropriately. A significant 72% of people judge a business by the quality of their business cards. Below I’ve outlined some of my top tips to help you ensure your business cards give potential clients the best possible first impression. 

Keep your branding consistent 

Most of us in business are aware of the importance of branding and consistency across our marketing channels. Everything from your logo and colours to fonts and writing style should remain consistent if you’re going to be even somewhat successful at building your brand Your business cards are no different. You’ll most likely be giving out your business card at networking events or even to strangers you meet by chance at both business and non-business events. Because of this, your business card will often be the first glimpse someone catches of your brand so portraying your brand accordingly through your business card is essential.  

Always have your business cards ready 

Whether you meet someone at an arranged meeting or simply bump into them on the street, nothing looks less professional than scrambling to find a pen and piece of paper. If you’re in business potential customers and clients will expect you to have a business card so always make sure you can produce one on request. 

Include your social media accounts 

Having a business card alone just won’t cut it. You need to be on social media. Having a physical business card to take to events is far more professional and far more personal than just asking someone to add you on LinkedIn while you’re speaking with them. Don’t forget to add your social information to your card though so your potential new client can connect with you on your social media pages. 

There’s a reason why business cards have persisted and have even evolved beyond their original function. Many might argue that they are outdated and newer media should be used in their place. However, there are many (often unobserved) reasons why business cards have stayed relevant even today.  

Their simplicity and effectiveness have made them easy to use for just about anyone. And despite not being “technologically advanced”, it has brought them an unexpected advantage over internet-reliant media. Most, if not all, cultures recognize and accept them in establishing communication. In fact, they can be used for almost any situation, and one can’t go wrong by using them as a tangible memento of an interaction. 

Most importantly, they can be adapted to fit almost any business goal with relatively minimal cost, and potentially tremendous gain. By taking all of these things into account, it is undeniable that business cards are still relevant and very much a great investment for any business. 

If you’re thinking of having business cards designed you can take a look at some samples of our previous work and contact us for a chat


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