Blogging for business as part of your Marketing Strategy

Blogging for Business

Well it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s that day of the week I am blogging for my business. You might have noticed that we at Studio93 have begun blogging regularly. This has been a conscious effort on our parts. We publish our posts every Monday (written by Cat) and my own post every Wednesday. We push ourselves to consistently publish new articles every week, and I got to say so far so good.

You may think “that sounds time-consuming” and you’re right, so why blog at all? What’s the point of blogging and more specifically what’s the point of blogging for business?

My Top 2 Reasons for Blogging for Business

1. Active Blogger
Google loves an active blogger. Providing relevant information makes you visible. Gradually customers will recognise you as a quality information provider! But firstly let’s look at what exactly is a blog.

What’s a Blog anyway?

The word blog is an abbreviated version of the term ‘weblog’. A ‘log’ is a regularly updated record of information; a personal diary is an excellent example. So, a blog is a record written around a particular theme that is regularly updated. Therefore, blogging for business allows customers to read regular updates and information they find interesting.

Some of our favourite blogs are written around themes such as Craft Beer – simonsaysyourealltshoulddrinkthis, cooking- Nessa’s Family kitchen and social media marketing – socialmediaexaminer

Blogging for business
Simon Says

As I said, Google loves an active blog. Google determines how to rank websites (how high a site appears in search); by how ‘fresh’ the information is on that site. When Google looks at a site it examines the information on the site. If this information has not been updated in months or even years, it determines that the content of that site is less relevant compared to content that is regularly updated.

So, if a Google user searches for information about a certain craft beer and Simon has recently written a blog post about that particular beer, there is good chance that Google will display his site in the search results, (assuming Simon has taken care of a few search engine optimisation best practices).

 2. Blog Your Theme

Your blog articles should reflect your chosen area of interest. The Studio93 blog writes around many marketing topics such as web design, SEO, graphic design, print and social media marketing.

We always aim to write interesting and informative blog posts around these topics. It’s not enough to say we understand the ins and outs of online marketing, we must demonstrate our knowledge through our blog.

‘Put your keyboard where your mouth is’.

Our blog has proven to be an excellent means of getting our minds to really focus on adding value to a business through our knowledge and experience in marketing.

Blogging is not easy and it is time consuming, but over time it gets easier and is very worthwhile. There are plenty of reasons to blog for business and I urge you to really consider it for your own business.


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